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Thread: 3 Day Aluminium Tool Case LASER Build!

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    Default PICTURE UPDATE! 3 Day Aluminium Tool Case LASER Build!


    Here are the build pictures:


    Heres a short video of the gig:

    Inspired by another post on this forum (sorry I couldn't find the link so if you are my muse then let me know and ill credit you!!) I decided to build two 300mw Green 532nm 20 kpps Lasers in Aluminium Toolboxes . If I have the money I may upgrade to RGB (TTL)

    Build spec so far:

    450 x 330 x 150 Aluminium Tool Case
    6mm thick aluminium Beam Table
    Meierlight 532nm 300mw Laser TTL
    Phenix Technologies 20Kpps Scan set (I know, I know but i wanted to build to beam wagglers and the DT's were to pricey)
    Phenix Technologies Show card! Classy!
    Auto (or uncontrolled chaos mode)
    60mm fan
    Key interlock

    I have gone as budget as possible with the whole build but leaving myself room to upgrade the units as and when.

    I was pleasantly surprised how well this all fits into the tool box snug but breezy! The green is pointed straight at the Galvos to minimise losses.

    Thanks to this forum I am now out of pocket due to my new addiction! But I love it!

    The following is were I may get flamed by you pros, but know I need to sort for the future and for ILDA compliance:

    No remote interlock!
    No IR filter
    No delayed start up
    The key comes out in on mode (shock horror)

    Please list my other failings!

    I'll post some pictures once finished.

    Thanks for looking
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    the scanner mirrors probably wont reflect much of the IR anyway

    like the "uncontrolled chaos mode" lol

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    Thanks for the support flecom! finally got one running! Its been a 3 day build that has stretched to 4! Were talking evenings here! They will hopefully get an outing tomorrow evening! i will post the entire build process next week

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