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Thread: SELEM 2017 Sign up thread

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    Just got back from seeing the eclipse in South Carolina. Definitely worth it!

    I also want to say thanks to everybody who came to SELEM and all the organizers. I had an fantastic time.
    And perhaps next year my single-mode projector that I'm building will be complete and I can actually have something to show off at SELEM.

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    Hey Chris, what do you think about an official DJI Mavic Pro for $800 -- a "DJI Official Refurbish"? Besides the Nanuk case for $110, what other accessories are needed?

    What's the status of the "Pro II" version?


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    You will need an SD card, at least 1 spare battery, and I upgraded the charger to one like this. It charges more than 1 at a time and is faster:

    Here is the case I have:
    Don't know anything about the Nanuk cases, but it looks like a Pelican case which are the best in my opinion.

    I'm also using the Nvidia Shield K1 instead of my phone. It requires minor mods to the flight transmitter in order for it to fit and a longer USB cable than the one that comes with the Mavic.

    This isn't everything but a nice deal and new not refurbished.

    Don't know anything about the new Pro II sorry.

    Hope this helps. PM if you need more help. I don't want to hijack the thread.

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