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Thread: projector building: setting max driver current question

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    You want brighter get higher power projector.
    bu.. but I'm the one building it. What's the point of cramming in more diodes if I can just make the ones I have already installed draw more power? Or why should I have them underperforming and instead adding more diodes? That seems illogical. These are the questions.

    At a certain point low in power your eyes saturate. All get after that is a lose of background contrast as the reflected light lights up the room. I e en tried projecting on black cardboard to fight this. Dimmer image but better contrast.
    For beam shows dude.

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    Why can't Pangolin and other laser programs have a command to turn on the color DAC's full power +5V for testing? My projector control console has three DMX channels that can send +5 to RGB for manual full power color control. A fourth DMX channel switches between manual color control and ILDA color control.

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    If lasers were a bigger pie in my business I'd just buy the testing tool Stanwax sells, or build my own. After all you just need a AC to 5V DC converter and few trimpots + two ilda connectors in some box to make this work, but I just don't bother right now as 3d mapping and dmx is mainly what I do.

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