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Thread: FEELER for TEXLEM II 2017 in HOUSTON

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    Glad to hear you made it through ok, Greg. As was mentioned, we do miss you at SELEM!
    PM Sent...

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    Very pleased to hear you and your family are OK, Greg! And as others have already mentioned - we've missed you at SELEM! Hope you have time to get back into lasers soon pal...


    PS: Len - the argon that guy has is a Cyonics-Uniphase. I think DJMatt has a supply that will run it. Suggest you contact Matt and see if he and Timberwolf can meet up.

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    - - - Updated - - -I found out today that Chuck got 26 " rain in his extra house... TEXLEM is of course on hold... I may go up there to help.. waiting now to hear back.I think being so close to the bridge helped as I think they always make the grade higher there-- last place to flood . go down the river road either way it has water or did--last nite it dropped ~3 inches
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