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    I would prefer that we do not add a separate section for laser pointers.

    First, there are already several other forums that have laser pointers as either their primary focus (ex: or as a significant portion of their overall content (ex:, so I don't see a need to add yet another site that has discussions about pointers.

    Second, I think I can speak for many people on this site when I say that laser pointers are not really that interesting, so adding a pointer forum here would only dilute the forum and increase the signal-to-noise ratio for many of our members.

    Yes, I have a few laser pointers myself (as I'm sure most laserists do), but I rarely if ever use them. More to the point though: pointers are not why I come to PL, and I think that goes for others as well.

    I come here because PL is the absolute best source of information about lasers, laser projectors, laser show software, and gatherings of fellow laserists. No other website even comes close to PL in that regard. Sure, there is an occasional post about pointers, but it never rises to the level where a new sub-forum would be needed. I feel that as long as PL stays true to it's roots it will always be someplace special on the web.

    There's no reason for PL to try to compete with the likes of LPF or CPF. Those sites already do a great job of serving the interests of the people registered there. Try to be the best at everything and you will certainly fail.


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    I tried to remove this thread, but the BBS software would only let me edit. For myself, I can agree most laser pointers are not that interesting, but the ones I am interested in building aren't so boring. LPF is a good forum, but this one requires email verification to join, over there trolls are taking over. If you are concerned that could happen here too, I fully understand.


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