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Thread: Help Replace My 1-1.5w RGB Projector - Suggestions for a Living Room Lounge

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    Default Help Replace My 1-1.5w RGB Projector - Suggestions for a Living Room Lounge

    I’m a long-time member but haven’t logged in for quite a while (signed up for this forum in ’06). Almost forgot how interesting this site is!

    Short background: I have a permanent Lounge theme in my home, with a custom sound system and DJ booth. I have a variety of Shinp (Chinese) laser projectors that are strategically positioned throughout….from 500mw to 1.2w, scanners to lumia to grating. 13 projectors in total (11 are Shinp), which I’ve owned for 8-10 years. I’m sure Shinp doesn’t get much respect around here, but they have served me well for at-home beam shows. I would describe my lounge as an upscale, chic environment, which I take pride in tailoring the ambiance to match the mood and music. Occasionally we host guests, but its primarily for the enjoyment of me and my wife (cool wife, eh?).

    The time has come to re-invest in a trio of “main” front-of-house RGB projectors. My current 1.2w RGB Shinp units (20k scanners), with thousands of hours of run-time, have treated me well, but recently, one of them started to project a static blue beam any time it enters “blackout” mode. I’m using this as an excuse to invest in new toys!

    Goals are very basic:
    • <$500 each.
    • 20k Scanners or better.
    • Balanced color ratio.
    • Smaller case (mine are 18”x15”x8.5”).

    AND…is an SD card option worth it for the at-home hobbyist? Is there a good source for downloadable and universal shows, which I could load on the the SD card and then replay via sound active, master/slave mode? I will eventually invest in Quickshow or similar (open to cost-effective suggestions here as well), Shinp can add the SD card option to any projector for $50. I have a black market mamba unit that is practically useless (or I just haven't spent the time to become proficient).

    Note: They will be somewhat controlled via DMX from the DJ booth, when I’m playing…primarily for drops, build-ups and climaxes of certain tracks. Basically for blackout mode.

    Since I’ve had good luck with Shinp (only had to replace 2 modules in 10+ years, and now this static beam issue), I’m considering getting this: for $465 shipped. It seems like a direct replacement, but in a smaller case.

    These are the published specs:

    Scanner Speed: 20k
    Output Power:
    Green: 200mW--532nm
    Red: 500mW--650nm
    Blue: 500mW--450nm

    I also ran across the Laserking LK-PD3 in the For Sale thread below, and there are decent reviews of this unit on the forum. To me it seems like it would be a little too heavy on the blue with the published “Laser power: Green 200mW ,red 200mW,blue 600mW” but the effects wheel seems pretty cool and it would be nice to add a refreshing new element to my lounge, rather than direct replacements.

    Thoughts on if I'm heading in the right direction?

    Any other suggestions in the $500 price range?

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    Bit lower powered than what you're looking for, but the Goldenstar D-RGB1000 would be compact and well built, with ALK-30k scanners! I owned one of the older ones before they upgraded them to diode and it was a great unit.. $400 currently

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    1st question is going to be how big is the lounge. 2nd observation is in a lounge I hope you're projecting overhead because unless you live in a a very large house / mansion, or have a lower powered laser with BAM's applied and safety lenses, it's going to be practically impossible to get the beam down to eye safe levels with lasers of 1W+ powers.

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    Well its not a mansion but with 25 foot vaulted ceilings, the room dimensions certainly allow for overhead projection. Actual room dimensions are 22x33 ft, with the seating area on the far end of the DJ booth. I've been running 1w projectors for many years in this room.

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    I also have a few 500mw units, and the brightness difference is quite noticeable compared to the 1w.

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    Can you shoot some video of this set up in action in the evening and post it to YouTube or Vimeo? Super curious.

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    I've attached a couple older pictures from the DJ side of the room and then from the sitting area. It doesn't show the lounge "in action" but you can get an idea of the area. It's 33ft from end to end and the ceiling in the sitting area is 10 ft tall (the loft ceiling is 25ft). The lasers are also about 10 ft off the ground with a slight upward angle. From the sitting area (chill room), the pillar gives a nice viewing window for the "main event" but with the height of the lasers, it doesn't detract from the "chill" ambiance of the sitting area. Never mind the stacks of thrift store speakers and shotty looking DJ booth. Most of this has since been replaced but the layout remains the same. This is the lounge in it's infancy.

    The loft's ledge in the first picture lends itself nicely to lumia, aurora and grating effects, projected on to the large angled ceiling, DJ booth and backdrop.


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    There should be no issue with overhead projection. You just need to ensure that any eye exposure is done safely.

    One of the members on here, I forget which one, has a lounge set up that's really rather impressive. Hopefully he'll see your post and share his experiences.

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    I'd love to see another member's lounge!

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    I like the way you think. I don't think I could get away with turning my great room into a club as you are doing, so kudos to the wife for her tolerance. I have implemented such a space in my multimedia room however with 9 foot ceilings, I am a bit height challenged. (Personally as well.) In retrospect, I wish I had designed the space to have a domed ceiling or just a higher ceiling.

    Over the 15 years I've been re-working my installation, I've learned a few lessons, most of them the hard way. I abandoned DMX controlled lasers quite some time ago with the exception of some laserbars that I built myself and one lone Shrimp effect which has been on the chopping block for several years now. Most of my lasers are my own builds, but I have one heavily modified LK-PD2 and another modified LK-PD3 incorporated and have written reviews and upgrade advice in other threads here in PL. My laser projectors are controlled by LaserShow Xpress (LSX) primarily, but I also have Medialas' MIII and Pangolin's Quickshow implemented. (I hope to implement Pangolin's Beyond shortly as well.)

    The lasers in my space generally range from 1.1W to 2.2W and while I crowd scan, I do so with graduated beam attenuation that drops the power on each laser to almost zero and do a great deal of testing for safety. (I do not recommend doing this without a lot of lasering experience and safety training as you don't want to damage the eyes of your family and friends. Also, young children are not permitted in my environment.)

    Lighting effects are a combination of moving heads, DMX controlled devices, and several DMX effects I built myself. There are currently a few video projectors in the space as well. This stuff changes frequently, but I generally gravitate towards small or multi-purpose devices to keep the room from looking too busy when everything is off. Here are a few videos of what it looks like in action although some are a bit dated:

    One thing I'd suggest as you consider the next level for your environment is to focus on quality laser projectors. The cost is higher, but the benefits of control and quality of beams or graphics will pay off. It seems like you are focused on doing things live, so Quickshow is probably your best bet to control such projectors. I focus on pre-coreographed content myself as I am way too lazy to do anything live. Quickshow will also allow you to control your DMX devices - or you could have a parallel dmx control environment as I do. I use Chauvet's ShowXpress for lighting and video control.

    There are a few others in this forum who have done admirable jobs with similar spaces including basements and hopefully they'll see the post and contribute their thoughts as well.

    Happy planning and shopping!

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