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  • preston135's Avatar
    04-26-2021, 10:23
    ok... so i'm new to programming lasers (sort of). i'm using the software pangolin now what i want to acheve. is a small spiral on a mirror ball. not just one beam. i want a small spiral. or squiggle/circle ect... to the target. is there an easy way? or am i going to need to create...
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  • 3DPiper's Avatar
    05-09-2021, 16:51
    I am just getting into animating for laser displays. I already animate in AE and MAX, what is the best way to get my animations to ILDA format for display? How do you define specific splines for color? For instance, I have a simple text logo that has 3 colors. Do you render for each color...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    04-23-2021, 14:13
    mixedgas started a thread Fourier Transform in The Lounge
    Now this is cool, and has a vector slant. Not sure its our next file format, but that did cross my mind. Steve
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  • Laser57's Avatar
    05-01-2021, 21:47
    CrazyJay Jay C: ZOMGWTFROFLOLCATS U SUCK Jay AKA CrazyJay is now a moderator at LPF and immediately taking revenge: (I don't expect most members to read all of this whining, but I am making the information available for others to have the ability to see what is going on). I'm posting this...
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  • preston135's Avatar
    04-20-2021, 02:15
    hi there, im from a place called stockton on tees in the UK i bought a laser. keyed in a few parts on t'interweb and ended up on this forum enjoyed reading it so far.. full of usefull info. i would quite happily go for a beer and discuss lasers. :rolleyes:
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  • rns0504's Avatar
    04-16-2021, 06:36
    Hey Everyone- Just a quick update as to our latest projects! Being a customer driven company, we design and manufacture based on customer and market needs. Lately, the industrial market has been hot for large scanners! From left to right is the tried and true Compact 506 with 10mm/40 degree...
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  • brianpe's Avatar
    04-30-2021, 17:28
    I am building a DPSS laser from scratch, or trying to. There are several milestones to this project: Output 808nm from fiber array; proper current drive of diodes and proper temperature control Drive Spectra Physics ZLM head I bought off eBay Build and align simple linear end pumped...
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  • KrisVermeulen's Avatar
    04-22-2021, 10:18
    Hello, I have a problem with a setup of 2 6800HP galvo's with Medialas microamps. In the video i drive the galvo's with a static targeted beam but both the galvo's react abnormal. Does anyone have a clue what might be the problem? Thank you for helping me out. ...
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  • masaka's Avatar
    04-18-2021, 11:20
    Hello and thanks for the ad! I'm michel and just started with some oldskool laser. Have a Coherent Innova 70 but when firing up only gives purple light. Seller told me its green and needs adjustment. Can anybody send me in the correct direction to make it green again? Thanks!
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  • dec0's Avatar
    04-28-2021, 17:15
    This isn't necessarily an upgrade, but it can definitely help you correct distortion in galvanometer projections. A research group I am part of made an image distortion correction solution for laser galvo mirror machines (SLA, laser engraving etc). The solution is now on...
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  • lihaixu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:36
    Hello I'm very happy to use this product. It's great The 'etherdream2' that I used before had a problem, so I bought five 'etherdream3' But now there are two problems that need to be solved. I'm looking for your help I want to use a fixed IP address, so I set up an "IP. TXT",
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  • Skysoldier's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 05:49
    Iím having issues with 2 kvant unity lasers. One seems to have the scanners suck intermittently, the hot beams will look like small sheets, lines will be squiggly, then five minutes later it will be back to normal. Then the other just quits when the FPS gets low and it makes a noise. It will also...
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  • Laser57's Avatar
    05-11-2021, 18:07
    Iím looking for small 5 to 7 mm AR coated (all sides) right angle prisms to use for total internal reflection. Anyone know a source at a good price? If not coated, uncoated? If I find inexpensive uncoated right angle prisms, I can probably find a telescope optics shop to AR coat them as well as add...
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  • javanam's Avatar
    05-10-2021, 09:43
    Hello. I got an ILV DC scanner it is like this No the same exactly but very similar. What usage/application has this scanner ? From water cooling and the surface area of the mirror i suppose that is in kw range.. and from mirror color is for co2 (20.6um) laser Does anyone has datasheet of...
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  • james's Avatar
    05-06-2021, 14:36
    james started a thread Final Space in The Lounge
    If you haven't seen Final Space, you should check it out. It's brilliant. Lots of great voice acting, great animation and a great story, surprisingly emotional. Conan Obrien does the voice of Clarence and it's absolutely awesome.
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  • dchammonds's Avatar
    05-09-2021, 17:59
    The Liberace of Televangelists (with a little Ernest T Bass thrown in) has passed away- another childhood favorite gone. :( Memorialized in song.
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  • clickamouse's Avatar
    05-10-2021, 05:35
    Greetings, all; I have the honor of being on the Argon TV roster of interviewees: Kinda long at 43 minutes, but a good overview of what I and my Illuminauts have been up to since 1974. You can also read a transcript. Thanks to Tim Bennet for...
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  • all1's Avatar
    Today, 20:09
    all1 started a thread SELLING : Faro Focus 3D S120 laser scanner in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Up for your consideration is a Faro Focus 3D S120 laser scanner, in excellent condition. The FARO Focus3D is a revolutionary, non-contact laser scanner for 3D modeling and documentation that can be operated simply and intuitively via an integrated touchscreen display. In addition to the touch...
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  • all1's Avatar
    Today, 20:14
    Has anyone ever worked with Computer Generated Holograms ? please share your experience. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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  • all1's Avatar
    Today, 20:18
    all1 started a thread flexmods in 445nM
    Where can I get one ideally 3-5 flexmods for prototyping. Thanks for your help.
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  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • TheCircuitSymphony's Avatar
    05-07-2021, 12:51
    TheCircuitSymphony added 1 photo(s) to album Live 2019
  • laserist's Avatar
    Today, 12:43
    Yes. I thought concept of having a driving project that you're trying to achieve was simple and cool. To commit to something across department lines and figure out solutions. Instead of just working on the fun parts.
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    Today, 10:45
    I'd forgotten about Thomas Wilfred's contributions, thanks for mentioning him. I started out doing live performances in planetariums using their effects to augment and diversify this "theater in the round" art form. The live performance experience usually brought me to the point of wanting to...
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  • Tagan55's Avatar
    Today, 08:32
    I agree my account was just created when I saw your post, I had assumed me asking to meet in person would make both of us feel more comfortable and make the purchase more secure for the both of us, my apologies if it came off differently. As for me ďchecking it outĒ Yes I already know what it does,...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    Today, 08:26
    Some Wilfred in a modern sense: Yale University Art Gallery did that one... Steve
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