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  • SamV's Avatar
    07-12-2022, 04:36
    Hey guys, been a few years since I last posted on here. Feels good to be back. Oh my how lasers have changed. Anyways, I have the following kit and I would like to project a logo, which (ideally free) software can I use with either of my DACs, ideally the Helios or LaserOS to project it? I...
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  • lasingfox's Avatar
    07-24-2022, 05:55
    Hello, I'm looking to try and buy or trade for an omni 543 argon laser of really any model as long as its still alive. I really don't even need the mirrors since i have multiple sets from tubes that have shattered in the mail but, i'd like to know what it outputs before i buy it.. apparently...
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  • lulighttec's Avatar
    07-19-2022, 11:01
    IMPORTANT POST! Hi Folks, Any of you that have already or plan to make reservations at the HIE Elkton, please reply to this thread with the name the reservation is under. I am getting a list together for the manager of the hotel; she is going to work out a group rate for us for this year. ...
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    07-25-2022, 14:28
    Anyone have the schematic or pinout for this solenoid driver for effect flags. Looking to build it out again and it has been awhile. I want to say it ran on +/- 35v but can not remember. Thanks
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  • wingssv's Avatar
    08-03-2022, 06:57
    I am looking for recommendations on which laser projector to buy. As a beginner, I was considering the Unity Raw 3, but these are $1500. Is there any other laser projector with similar quality but at a better price you would recommend starting with?
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  • BruceLavender's Avatar
    07-22-2022, 01:24
    Greetings, I have repaired a laser LASERKING LKPD3 that I sold to a client a few years ago there was a fault with 12volt power and it's now working however from wear and tear and continuous use the unit has gone out of alignment quite badly. What is the best way to align the lasers ? should I start...
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    07-15-2022, 18:59
    Let us see if this upload actually works. I did this by using the "Insert Image" icon and selecting a PDF file, which is not very intuitive.
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-26-2022, 12:53
    I've been reading a little bit about Solid State Dye Lasers and was going to see if anyone here knew why we haven't seen any of these yet? The concept is old and materials seem pretty straightforward. With the proliferation of cheap, moderately powered green and blue (DPSS and direct diode), I...
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  • pmurph5's Avatar
    08-08-2022, 17:21
    I have a friend who purchased a couple he-ne's that have some historical interest. One is a SP 132, the other is a SP 134 (he says; I haven't seen them). The tubes flash on and off. He says they have outgassed and need to be regassed. Is this possible? If so, who can do it and what's involved...
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  • BruceLavender's Avatar
    08-04-2022, 02:26
    I purchased one of these a few weeks ago and while it works and seems like a good product however the loop playback mode does not work at all. When in manual mode pressing play+No displays the stored text for the relevant page. The manual is very poorly written and all text lasers seem to suffer...
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  • Bradfo69's Avatar
    07-15-2022, 02:08
    I was a little caught off guard with the number of vegetarians last year as well as other dietary concerns. I think I remember most but, I also know new things pop up. Chris, Sal, Newlin and Nisha I know but, want to double check with everyone else just to make sure I'm not running around last...
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  • MrNIFty923's Avatar
    07-29-2022, 12:13
    Inspiration comes from unusual places. Wanted to post about a project I’m working on. It’s a little unusual, but I think the results will be pretty cool. I’m a metal fabricator by trade, and a laser fanatic as many of you are as well. I will be building a series of furniture art pieces using...
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  • bridge's Avatar
    08-01-2022, 19:16
    Hello Sir, This is Bridge, long long time not here. :). Who can contact with Rob from Stanwax. I reply his email but can't reach him. Best regards! Bridge This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    07-25-2022, 12:54
    532 and 643 Manuals attached. Steve
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  • TheHermit's Avatar
    08-06-2022, 06:41
    End of An Artist's Career? A.I. Creates Art for You! - Complete Guide This is getting so good that it's getting scary.👽 Personally, I reckon this fast talkin feller is just a tad bit too slick fer my likin'. "He just don't look right" - RIP Freddie Freeloader. He presents a few quick & fancy...
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  • pafendorf's Avatar
    07-14-2022, 22:26
    pafendorf started a thread SELLING : Fiesta.NET - 4* ILDA output in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hello friends, selling im my own housing - 4*ILDA Output 4* ILDA Input , for more info /price/ please feel free to contact me PM , thank you
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    07-29-2022, 17:15
    ANyone looking for anything particular this year? I have a few piles but dont want to load a bunch of stuff back n forth if no interest. I am looking to buy another FB3 if anyone has one they want to sell.
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  • wingssv's Avatar
    08-03-2022, 07:33
    What are the main differences between these 2 ? Is the ELITE worth the extra money ? Both seem outstanding quality, just trying to see which one is a better investment
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  • Lazerman121's Avatar
    07-26-2022, 12:04
    My father passed away back in March and we are trying to get a handle on his shop. If anyone is interested in Capacitors, wire, bolts PLC equipment, T-Slot Ect. I also have an Argon free for anyone who wants it. Stop by on your way to or from Selem I am off Sunday if anyone can make it then...
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    08-06-2022, 08:04
    Hi All, I picked up a pair of Pluto2's recently, want to start by saying I am very happy with the deal and noted this what I call issue before purchase. I am curious if the green laser on the pluto 2's always showed so much much scatter. I have one that is worse that the other because it is...
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  • TheHermit's Avatar
    07-14-2022, 20:31
    TheHermit added 1 photo(s) to album T4 Laser Synth
  • TheHermit's Avatar
    07-14-2022, 20:31
    TheHermit added 1 photo(s) to album T4 Laser Synth
  • TheHermit's Avatar
    07-14-2022, 20:31
    TheHermit added 1 photo(s) to album T4 Laser Synth
  • TheHermit's Avatar
    07-14-2022, 20:31
    TheHermit added 1 photo(s) to album T4 Laser Synth
  • TheHermit's Avatar
    07-15-2022, 09:50
    TheHermit added 1 photo(s) to album T4 Laser Synth
  • mixedgas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:21
    Both I and Dale have the isotopic neon and helium. Start with Dale and then call me if he cannot help you. Looking at a 132 picture, the advice of dropping in a new tube is a bit more appropriate, due to the way the soft mirror seals are sealed on a glass tube with the flat ends precision ground...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:48
    mixedgas replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    Thanks Ron, That is more than enough. This amplifier is a work of art. The output topology is amazing. What more can I say, I stared at the schematic for a full hour and then said a Prayer of Thanks for the beauty! I shipped a little something surplus to Greg. He's going to need quite a...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47
    mixedgas replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    That was a "gentleman" I could have done without meeting. We'll leave it at that. Steve
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