T4 Laser Synth

MIDI controlled Teensy 4.1 MCU image generator, Akai APC40 Mkii MIDI controller, Surface touch GUI Master controls, extended 15" touchscreen PureData GUI, 3 watt RGB laser projectors
  1. Audio Design Tool Block Diagram of Audio Library Modules used in T4 Laser Synth
  2. Laser Projectors L to R: 
New Feel 3 watt RGB w/40kpps galvos 
Modified Wall mount NF 3 watt RGB w/40kpps 
OPT PD3000-RGB w/DT-40 galvos 
Wall mount...
  3. T4 Laser Synth Alpha 
     w/ILDA conversion amp in Case 
      USB 2.0 Connector for: 
          usbMIDI connection in/out 
          +5VDC Power...
  4. T4 Laser Synth Alpha Exposed 
Vertical mounted HankLloydRight ILDA amp PCB: 
            6 Channel audio in 
            ILDA Differential X,Y Out...
  5. T4 Laser Synth Alpha N Case (Rear) 
Vertical mounted HankLloydRight PCB: 
       6 Channel audio in 
       ILDA Differential X,Y Out 
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