isolation table componets

  1. beamann
    I started by reading the Holography handbook back in the mid 80's, The cat box on on stillts vers the isolatin rubber referd by Edmon scientific (sad & happy rubber balls) latter made into hokey pucks for use for Merideth instraments to sell holo kits to the public. Knowing that the optics table filled with sand and knowing how and why it works and that optical alighment is easzer to manipulate and place as well as whaiting long time for transit vibrations to stop to start exsposing the film plate, have any of you ever used the rubber isolation optics table? It looks like the wolf did but can't tell for shure. What are your pro's & con's between the two types of optical Isolation tabels. I made the rubber one on a second story appt (at age 25) and set up an inferometer witch showed good isolation but not good enough for holography, Probbely beacuse of being on the secound floor with in 1000' of a high trafic intersection.
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