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  1. dsli_jon
    Hey Kats -

    Well, if you're here / join, you likely know why you are / did so I won't waste much time with 'ruminating' all the old bits - but for the 'newbies' that come / get sent here, you can pretty much find all the '411' to do your homework, here:

    (...general discussion / musing on screens vs scrims / Skeeta-intro... NOT intended to be any sort of 'expert' resource, just some observations / experiences / opinions, etc...)

    (...a rather 'spirited' thread about 'Skeeta' scrim, with a great review / pix by 'avatar-king', Soforene, some great off-topic banter, and a few indoor / outdoor 'real-world' examples (and one horror-story / 'aviso' from Yours Truly...)

    ...and our new design for extra-strong corner-reinforcements, that I will perma-post here, for your scrimming-pleasure...

    Some other little 'gems' gleaned from those that have used it, so-far, are: Buffo's keen observation that the GREY Skeeta material seems to 'disappear' better in darkness, vs BLACK...

    I have to second that, and it also works better for situations where you have a LOT of ambient light (ie - a tradeshow booth...) - both Black and White 'call too-much attention to themselves', by virtue of thier 'extremeness' vs the grey - like he said, the grey sort-of 'blends in' better...

    So, there it is, and here we are... Thoughts? Experiences? Love it? Hate it? Let us all know! - and we want PIX!!!!

  2. Stuka
    I have the stuff - but haven't had the chance to really use it yet!!

    I was thinking about doing a "Randy's Garage" holiday show for family and friends, and would like to use both graphics & beam effects. How much does the grey Skeeta Scrim reduce the intensity of the beams that are passed through the scrim? (DPSS RGB rig, about 900mw)

  3. buffo
    My experience with the stuff has been overwhelmingly positive. You really won't notice the power loss through the scrim, but you'll certainly be able to see the scanned pattern on the scrim surface!

    Randy, you're running at least 50% more power out the front end vs my projector. You won't have any problems!
  4. dsli_jon
    Hey Guys! - Thanks for joining!... feel free to invite others you think might be interested in sharing (Umm, can you? Or can only I 'invite'?..) or at least let them know about it, and they can send me a 'join request'...

    Mostly, I think it will be just a good, 'all-in-one-spot' repository for creative-use ideas, pix, new pricing updates or designs, etc....

    ...And Randy - damn, man! If you've got 900mW under the hood, there, you're gonna be blown away how bright it looks - even the grey.. sure, graphics on white would be a *bit* brighter, but if you fog-up real good - about 5-6' out in FRONT of the scrim, with fan pointing out / up, you should catch some reeaal nice 'secondary' atmospheric fx with that much power... sheesh, brother - we'd better get some pix!

    I'm gonna be YuckTube-posting some show clips of ours from earlier in '08, soon, but even with the crappy vid-codecs, there, that 'secondary' effect from the 'pass-thru' - especially with the 'big gun', there, just still blows my mind - and, happily, the audiences' too!

    FYI, just in case you didn't know (cause it wasn't obvious to me, at first) to post pix to a 'group', you have to create an 'album' in your profile, then you can 'add' from there - it would not let me post pix from 'in-thread' PL posts, nor from links outside PL - so I am not sure it would be able to link-from your 'gallery' (can't test cause I don't have one created, yet...) - but works fine from an 'in-profile album'... just fyi...

    Anyhoo, invite / share away!..
  5. Docjohn
    Hello everyone! There goes the neighborhood ! The Skeeta looks really cool. Sounds like I will need a screen for sure to do graphics when my RGB is done. Can you use it in the Amazon jungle also?

  6. dsli_jon
    Hey John! - well, have not tested it there, yet, but I hear it works pretty darn good in FL (...which is about the same thing - mosquito being the 'State Bird', and-all...)

  7. dsli_jon
    Hey Doc

    RE: 'usted es rico'... Hah! I wish!... Why do you think I live in San Salvador? (Hint: CHEEEEEP, hombre!! Oh, and WARM ) Only place I have lived where you can live like a 'king' on $1500. - $2K / month, (this way, the rest can go back into the Co, and keep it going, even in a near-dead-economy... ) and where you can take a 'cold-water-only' shower without 'screaming'!

    In NY, we only have a shop / studio, and in LA, the same - just 'bases' from-which to operate / build sys. / ship gear / roll-out for gigs... Three houses... lol - If ANYbody out there in the Laser Show Biz, has three houses, please, let me know - I wanna come work for you!

    But we digress... Any other cool Skeeta shots out there? Randy? Adam? Mofo Sofo from SoHo? ...Here's another 'quicky'...

  8. Stuka
    No photos from me yet (lame, I know!!) - but I DID use the scrim for the ol' garage show for Christmas, and it works great!!

    The one caveat I noticed:
    I had a fairly limited space to work with, only about 15 feet from the projector to the back of the scrim, set up for rear projection. At that distance, it seemed to me that the scrim actually tended to highlight some of the glare from the projector, although the "Laser noob" aidence watching the shows didn't seem to mind!

    One VERY cool effect - I only had room to put my fogger a few feet past the viewing side of the scrim, with maybe 10 feet to the audience. Athough the distances weren't ideal, the end effect was kick - ass! Graphics shows like "Rythym is a Dancer" look incredible, especially the "talking head" frames with the laser beams shooting from the eyes!!

    I can't believe I didn't take photos - maybe next weekend...

    Uno Corona, por favor!

    Sorry - that's all the "almost Spanish" I know...
  9. dsli_jon
    Hey Randy! -

    Cool! Glad you got a chance to use it, but yeah - ya gotta get that camera workin, man! And yeah, the 'sheen' is an interesting phenomenon; I suppose it could work to a 'disadvantage', in certain settings...

    Curious, do you use the white or gray? You do get sheen from both, but white seems to be less 'noticeable'...depends on 'viewing angle' too..

    But overall, yeah, it really brings a whole new 'dimension' to shows to use RP - you get nice, crisp graphics - AND - the 'bonus' of nice aerials...

    RE: Spanish... brother, 'Una Corona' is pretty-much all you need to know!

  10. Stuka
    Well, I finally posted a shot from "Randy's Garage - the Laser Show"

    This is the result of taking a photo with an old digital camera with WAY too little space between the projector, scrim, and tripod!! Lots of residual "sheen" from the slate gray netting at the distance I was using - about 15 feet from projector to scrim, and slightly less than that from scrim to the camera tripod. Interesting, but not great - need another 20 or 30 feet to get the camera angles, and I don't think the missus' is going to let me knock out any walls to get there!

    Quick - name the recent award-winning show that shot comes from!!

    EDIT -

    Distances were actually more like 10' from projector to scrim, and maybe 10' from scrim to camera, with camera at or below the height of the projector.
    My "now retired" calibrated eyeball isn't quite as accurate as I thought!

    Yep - need more space!!
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