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  1. rfourt
    Ok first i would like to appoligize for taking your time and if you dont want to participate in this discoussion feel free to leave.

    Although i would really apriciate your help on deciding wich offer/company/module/ to go for.

    Im not looking right now to make perfect white, as much as making much power. I know a perfectly white animation is really nice but im running mostly beamshows and therefore power is my first choice.
    Although with these many companys and many different wavelengtsh etc etc, i find it very hard to choose.

    so if you like please help me

    Why im not taking this in the public forums is becouse i know many of the companys are lurking the forums and i dont want to bring out wich company etc etc.
    so only a few is invited

    the price is between 4000-5000USD
  2. rfourt
    OFFER 1: PRICE: 4300 USD
    I have been emailing this company and they can offer me 1Watt of 473nm.
    Its two times 500mw dpss 473nm blue module combined together with beam cube.
    Output power is more than 1w . arround 1.1w.

    -Beam diameter at the aperture is 3mm.
    -Divergence 0.8mrad.
    -Polarization is vertical and horizontal.
    -Beam mode is multi mode.
    -Power stability 5%
    -Warm up time 5min
    -1 year warranty
    Module size is (one) 50mm widht, 48mm high and 155mm long.

    About driver boards:
    -digital temperature controlled by atmega 328
    -Usb communication
    -analog 30khz modulation input
    -lcd display option
    -psu voltage 90VAC-240AC

    Thoughts: This company i have never heard of although they seem to have some nice references on there website but that could mean just about anything,
  3. rfourt
    OFFER 2: d=2 PRICE: 4300 USD

    Here i get a package deal of 2 lasers:
    1x 900mW 445nm and 1x 300mW 640nm

    The company is well known for there high quality modules have really good reputation. although i think 445nm is litle bit to dark.
  4. rfourt
    OFFER 3: our friend Bridge the man PRICE: 4300 USD

    Talked to Bridge and he offered me this setup:
    1W 450nm
    1W red(640nm small beam) and 300mW 473nm

    Thoughts: I really like Bridge and have made a really good friend with him, and he has offered me some really nice prices in the past so i would really like to buy from him and we all know they are very stable and good reputation, although as he told me he cant really compete with 1Watt 473 for the same price. And price for power is important for me as im not looking for perfect white right now.
  5. rfourt
    What you guys think.

    AS i said im not looking to create the perfect white right now, i just want ALot of power and when i have bought this blue i have alot of blue and Green then i can start looking for big Reds.

    any input, thoughts are welcome and im very thankfull for any.

    Thank you-

  6. FourDee
    That 450 from laser-wave intruigues me, maybe Bridge has also jumped on the Nichia-wagon.

    As far as the Hungarian company is concerned, the problem is that they have no reputation, so you could be spending your money on a useless laser ... something to think about

    Are those pictures they sent you? The couch in the background doesn't exactly make them look professional.
    Also, the second picture is white ... could be IR you're seeing
  7. rfourt
    mmm yes that was litlebit my concern also. I have never heard of them, They told me they been in bussiness for over 10years etc etc.
    But exactly the couch/sofa picture seems litle bit to much ESD warning for me.

    i think i will skip the hungarian company another person from Pangolin warned me liturally from buying from them.

    So right now it looks like the 457nm 1.5Watter from Maccarots webshop seems like the choice for me. Those are CNI if im not mistaken.?

    thnx for you input.
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