PS pt 3

  1. Vidal Wolf
     Vidal Wolf
    while resting against other wires from the dc side of the circuit,had not burned thru the dc wires insulation. That night I ended up replacing 4 wires from the ac side of the circuit and installing heavier gauge wire.
    well guess my cut and paste fucked up...theres more I wrote but dont remember it all.
    Anyway, take time to check your power supply innards. it could save your power supply at the least or your whole house at the very worst. Clean /dust off the innards with compressed air. Even a thin layer of dust will act as a thermal insulator raising components temperatures making them work harder and shortening their lifespan. Check for loose connections and discolored and brittle/ cracked wires.
    I got lucky.
    I also learned alot from this incident.

  2. Vidal Wolf
     Vidal Wolf
    Be careful to keep the fan and vents clear.
  3. steve-o
    I've never seen the discussion section of this group .. interesting. I accidentally blocked the air intake of my ALC 60B/C for a good minute and a half. No major damage that I could tell. <whew>

    -edit- I just noticed how old this post was .. heh .. oh well ..
  4. Admin
    I do love me some thread necromancy.
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