1. platinum
    Hey all,

    I figured I'd start this group as I have two specific projectors I'm planning on certifying this year or soon enough and I know that many of you have plans to certify your projectors too so let's pool our resources a little and figure it out!

    One projector I'm working on is what some of you saw at SELEM the other day. (3W 532nm DPSS w/ DTPros and soon, OL Blanking.)

    The other is quite a sizable projector to use with my Oxford ACL45 CVL.

    I'll focus on the DPSS, for now, as I actually have the bulk of it built.

    From someone who's done it before, what were the hardest requirements as far as what the CDRH requires for one to acquire an ascession number for their projector? Is 24 hours an accurate estimate of the time required to complete a product report? (noted in the file)

    Here's a copy of the CDRH Product Report Guide: LINK

  2. hakzaw1
    dang nearly 7 yrs and no replies??mmmmm

    at any forum--S.Groups are pretty much a total fail BECAUSE nobody 'subs' the group-- its not done for us by default.

    not to necro..
    CDBob has started a group- if you get an invite please join us.... BUT if you don't sub... there is no point.

    look at this separate from either forum-- no need to go anywhere- clicklink in the email- bam!**** so sub Ok?

    I opted for daily --you can pick weekly and/or in your Userpanel.

    this group is unique just like ALL of us and our Lumia/abstract etc art.
    it is invite only -- read our 'thread' and hopefully you will see we are not being snobs..
    AND protection of our personal 'techniques' will be respected at all times.

    we have many of the best but need you as well- hak
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