V1.0 continued

    For now, I would suggest either a two or three level design. Pro's: On a three level design...the laser heads and optics can be isolated and the optics can be easily adjusted. The " Footprint" of the projector is kept to a minimum and you can adjust the distance between levels IF althread is used to secure level to level. Con's: The wiring connections are a pain to go from level to level and access is limited to the various components with a multi-level design if a problem develops and you must troubleshoot. Remember...when organizing your wiring, place your wire terminal strips on the outside edge of the level perimeter so you can hook/unhook the level to level wires with ease. The two or three level design will be the most compact....but it does have some issues. I used four 3/8" SS rods to connect level to level. Two(2) nuts secure to rod to the level plate on each of the level corners for each of the levels.
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