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Thread: DIY Anodizing.... Success!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tocket View Post
    That looks very nice! I was under the impression that anodizing was tricky and messy, but that looks very simple and clean. What acid and concentration did you use?
    Thanks! Not tricky, a little messy if you're not careful. Got a few acid stains on the desk. I used a 10:1 mixture of distilled water and 98% H2SO4....... NASTY STUFF!

    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    Congrats, Evil Adam! The end result looks perfect! I have a feeling you just opened the floodgates to a little side business for yourself...

    Thanks! I was befuddled with amazement when I wiped it down with paper towel. I even tried scratching it with a razor blade and couldn't gouge the coating. I'd say I got mil spec hard anodizing from my quick little experiment.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaycey View Post
    Thats very impressive,
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by chad View Post
    Looks great!!

    I have to pick up some stuff from the anodizer tomorrow. $65 setup charge and about .25c per part. Week and a half wait...

    I might have to give this a go myself.

    You should! It's fun! Well worth trying it at least once.

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    That's great, nice Job. I did some home anodizing a few years ago but the acid fumes coming out of the process, even outside, were quite nasty and ate my shirt in the next wash. A proper setup requires a fume extractor hood which most people don't have. The stripper solution that you used, I couldn't find pure NaOH at the local store, supposedly due to restrictions, where did you find it?

    The biggest thing to remember about choosing a dye is to use one with a very small molecular size, so it embeds well in the pores. RIT is often referred to, there are other clothing dyes that won't work.

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    Waaaay cool! I've been wondering how difficult this would be. Nice work!

    (Did I mention that I love this forum? )


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