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Thread: Creating a laminar airflow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    Since there are US, Euro, and Japanese patents, it looks like if you use a home made one and make money with it, your setting yourself up for a lawsuit.
    I think renting one would be more economical for a large scale show.

    Furthermore, if I decide to build one as a proof of concept and go on the road with it, I doubt the manufacturers will notice or even care. If I start producing units on a large scale it's a different story.

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    Hey Stoney,

    Last year I did a project for school and we tried make such a air flow to use in a blade-less fan design. We used another product from Dyson (, the air multiplier, which has the shape of a wing with a very narrow output. You could say we had some results for a laminar airflow, but only for a few centimeters.

    What MIGHT be an idea.... use the shape of a wing as in the air multiplier, put that in the air, and use a a low-fog machine. The 'nozzle' of the wing will put the smoke in the right direction. And with low-smoke you can use gravity to get it down...... (Not really sure here, but I thought this was just a smoke machine with an addon to cool down the smoke, so it stays on the floor)
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    Yeah, I know, one offs are OK until your on "Europe's Got Talent" and the whole world sees you on Youtube.

    We Americans have to do CYA some times, I would not want to get sued for "aiding and abetting".

    Look at the Japanese patent referenced in IC2s patent, it has the nozzle design in cross section.

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    Default Fog screen?

    Don't they all ready make fog screens? or is this not what your talking about or looking for?

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    Aside from the patents, there are a lot of great DIY tips out there. Search for DIY fogscreen on youtube, & there's lots of fun stuff to watch. This guy also has some good pictures of his DIY build:

    I exchanged emails with the guy in romania before & he seemed receptive to knowledge exchange for non-profit endeavors.

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