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Thread: Heya there.

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    Default Shame on you, selwyn lissack.

    I don't understand why you are trying so hard to portray Sel as being the good guy.

    He was apparently not prepared to tell which postings were offending to him and of the choices proposed, he selected the closing of the forum. Sel's behaviour resulted in the shutdown of a forum, which was important to many holographers and has caused much grief.

    It is a shame that the ego trip of two persons got such destructive consequences. It took hundreds of people 8 years to build up that valuable pool of information.

    Shame on you, Selwyn Lissack.

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    I'm not portraying him as a "good guy" in this episode. I'm just saying he isn't the "bad guy" here. Colin presented him with those choices months after they started interacting on the issue. Both were fed up with each other by then. I don't agree with either of my two friends' actions, but what can I do? Selwyn's protecting his reputation from untrue, unfair allegations in public, and Colin's protecting his time and spirit from unnecessary drama in his life, and showing his integrity with his deeply held beliefs. We move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eidetic View Post
    .....Selwyn's protecting his reputation from untrue, unfair allegations in public.....
    If he is still thinking that his reputation has been protected by closing the holography forum, he certainly needs help, as allthatwhichis stated above.

    As a holography forum member I want to express my deep anger against Selwyn Lissack for his decision to close the forum.
    It was his, not Colin's decision.

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