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    Yes I see what you are getting at Chris and please understand we aren't trying to stir up bad feelings from this. Really it depends on how you read it. You have and are one who has really bent over backwards to help Admin I know. And please understand that I'm understanding that Edison wanted to help Admin period. While many of us including you have helped he still NEEDS our support. If there is anyone including Andy & Edison who can assist we welcome this. I also understand Edison is cranking out modules developing new cases attending lems sourcing etc. And this is more a reminder to those that have offered that the situation still exists and please take a moment to fulfill your offers. I've never been to a LEM but imagine Admin could unload a unit or 3 at one.(lol). And Chris I never challlenged your decision to forward those monies. I understood you to be doing the best you could. I still feel this way so Thanx for all you done here including taking the HUGE fookin hit from PooPal! Donations of Cash or Lasers still needed to those who can offer. Your $10 a month for a subscription goes a long way. Thanks to Edison & Andycon for your offers and I always enjoy both of your postings here- jimmy
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    hope some one can take it on and finish it then
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    My intensions where all good. I thought it was best to send the price to the administrator. Then he can take a bowl with notes of all the names and pick one.
    Badger can do this too if he wants. I thought there was more interest in a quad kit. Blue module or kit its fine by me. Personally i,m a little bit fed up how people threat me. Maybe its time to take a distance from PL. My intensions where all good but for some reason there is alway someone thinks that i,m some kind of .....Hole. I will have the blue or quad kit ready when
    Nessesary. Maybe they can do that with SELEM. I have donated a Complete kit including cover and labels to win on SELEM. So they can pick a name since there is quit a big group of
    people that joined the L.....tery

    Kind regards


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