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Thread: Making your own Red holography film

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    Default Making your own Red holography film

    Hi all
    I am a laser light show guy but I was interested in Holography at one time I used to go to the Holography Museum in New York City off of Canal street when it was there.

    I went to a lecture one time by Jeff Blyth and he came up with a Recipe for making your own red sensitive Holography film and he gave away copy of how to make it to everyone that came.

    I found mine in a box up in my attic the other day when I was getting out my old analog Laser show analog pattern generator I have moved this through at least 5 moves in my lifetime so I just ported it to PDF format for all to enjoy. Hope some of you find it useful.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Red holography recipe.pdf  

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    Nice article Michael, i've seen it before (perhaps on the holography forum?), but it's well worth repeating in its original format Thanks for posting it.


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    Thanks!!! I am a holographer who dabbles in laser shows. Never seen this.

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