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Thread: Photon Lexicon Quiters Support Group

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    I feel like I should post as well....
    I'v been slowly kicking the habit now....working my way down to less cigs per day. I'v tried the quick stop and it didn't work for me, but so far in the past 2 months I'v gone from 1 pack a day to about 1/2 or a little less.
    I wish EVERYONE good luck on this, this is by far the most addictive drug I have taken, and its been an ongoing battle, but well worth winning!

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    I smoked for almost fifteen years and quit a year ago, easy as pie. Seriously, it was about my 1,345th attempt but it was super easy this time.

    My doctor gave me special instructions for using Chantix that involved a longer titrate up and down time and told me to just keep on smoking until I didn't want to anymore. I did just that and I was done forever (thus far).

    My experience was that is was really simple: i just started forgetting to smoke. The physical urge was mostly gone after the first month and the ritual faded with it - I would smoke when I wanted to and just started smoking less and less until I finally realized that I had gone an entire day without even thinking about having a smoke. One day turned into two, two turned into five, cig tasted like crap and I was done.

    I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

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    I have an idea that should help anyone having a real hard time quitting. Eat one, less the filter, everytime you smoke one. I suspect it would take on average 2...

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    Default Methodology

    Chantix~Made me have terrible dreams always involving spiders and other insects.
    Patches~burned my skin each in a different place.
    Gum~Thats another addiction.Ended up hooked on 2 things.
    Cold Turkey~I wanted to kill everyone in sight cranky grumpy stressfull.

    Te de Siete Azhares~ (7blossom tea) American brand (McCormick)Easy to get right across the border in Mexicos grocery stores. Cheap- No prescription needed. Has a sedative effect. I got down on my own to 3-5 a day weened. Everytime my nerves would start my wife would drop 2-3 bags in boiling water then over ice once it was steeped. It looked like a Big Gulp glass of soda from 7-11. 32ounces of tea gets SLAMMED down and the nerves go away.2-4 hours later nerves start...water starts boiling. IT WORKED!!! 3 years now!!!

    Proud to be a quitter!!!!!!!!!
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    OK Here is where it all started for me......

    Please do a good bit of research here to get up to speed on's like a new laser. I would suggest getting at least a unit with a 1000maH battery or one of the larger units available with a tank and drip tip. I can attest to the many besides myself who have gave up analog ciggies. There are so many flavors and levels of nic to choose from...and vendors that sell product for you to mix your own at home...a lot do this to save even more $. I look at it like this....I save $ and my health improves. Pretty simple for me. Also there is no longer a fire hazzard or annoying smoke for you can vape in your home, car , office, airplane, laser lab, and even the local pubs and venues you may be doing a show at. Yes I have thought of the fog machine...probably a really way too high of a dose of anything like this stuff...Just a note Allthat...
    Be warned....I have read in a couple of places that there is a $8000 fine associated with owning nicotine liquid in the Land Down Under...not may wish to look into the local law of the land. Rumor has it that a child drank a bottle of this fluide{Juice} and it killed him. I have had this stuff come through into my mouth when I topped the unit really tastes bad....non consumable other than intended for. Most of the vendors have deals on double set-ups. This saves time and allows you to keep a battery charged and at the ready. I did a lot of research on the fluids available and would advise to stay with VG fluides like from these fine folks.....

    The PG fluids.....Propylene glycol base will tend to leave you very thirsty and may cause soar throat.
    Good luck on your adventures in giving up the analog smokes.
    It is a habit and addiction that is hard to get away from....this is an easy way to get away from the really harmful chemicals and help to restore your health.
    Just from my personal experiences with this stuff........

    Have not spent $70 so far on regular smokes...already made up for the hardware I have purchased....and the savings will now start to add up....along with my health improving.

    After being well into this...going on 3rd week...some things I thought tasted don't. Smell and taste are returning.
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    Hmmm, cigs or fog juice???? JK. Not a smoker, well, not of cigarettes anyway. Actually, not even of the digity dank anymore. (candies work!). I think this is great to get this started.
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    All you Chantix users, or want to be users, please see the other smoking thread.

    I was about to kill someone...... at random.

    I'm sure it works for some, but it put me in a really bad place.

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    I quit once for 6 months but took it back up. It's tough being around other smokers. "Hey! Let me bum one of those off ya..."

    I really should quit as it's better for my current and future health and my wallet. Cigs are $7.50 a pack here in WI and soon to go up again.

    I tried the E-cig thing. They work, kinda, but just not as good as the real thing. I'll give it a go again due to this thread, we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300EVIL View Post
    ...I tried the E-cig thing. They work, kinda, but just not as good as the real thing.
    That's what the [ahem] 'Man Behind the Curtain' says about his experience with it... Perhaps if ya'll keep up the PMs and IRC'ouragement to him, he'll give dumping the real death-sticks a shot... I'm certainly not very-effective as a 'preacher against obsession / addiction'...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0638.JPG 
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Name:	Ball_n_Chain.JPG 
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ID:	25111 (that's 'supposed-to' be a hotel-room, where you're 'supposed-to' sleep...

    ...I'll tell 'im you rang...

    PS - Here's a little 'motivational concept-poster' I made years and years ago when in advertising...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Anti-Smoke ad.jpg 
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    Hope it helps encourage that you all are, indeed, 'on the right track' by quitting sooner, rather than later...

    I'll go away, now..
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300EVIL View Post
    I really should quit as it's better for my current and future health and my wallet. Cigs are $7.50 a pack here in WI and soon to go up again.
    pffff. Your lucky. My brand are $18 for 20... Last time I was in Malaysia I picked them up for 50c. They have been taxed to the hilt here in Australia. This is another reason I want to give up. $300 a week is a joke. It would be cheaper to smoke illegal substances or for that matter smoke $20 bills.
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