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    Default Direct Written Holograms

    Here at UCSB I am working on a project which is going to have a mask made for it, which has a good amount of dead space on the mask (probably ~10 cm^2), so I wanted to look into the possibility of putting some holograms on the mask.

    It is a 4" by 4" mask, chromium on quartz, being written by a DWL-66, which I believe has about a 1um resolution (I will have to confirm the exact details with the people that are making the mask). In any case, from what I can tell a reflection hologram is out of the question, however a transmission hologram should come out pretty well. Also, it would be interesting to try and do some gratings, we will have to keep them small, but it should be possible to fit a good number of 5mm or 7mm ones on there.

    My question is if anyone here has experience generating them, in particular the gratings. I think that I can figure out how to generate the transmission holograms, and looking around there are a few tools which have been written to do it.

    Also, I am curious, what methods are available to try and duplicate the holograms? I can slice the mask up on a diamond saw, but if we come up with some neat diffraction gratings it would be nice to be able to make more to share.

    As per the timing, we have about 3 weeks before the mask is due, so there is a bit of a time crunch

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    Call me, I have some code you might like to try.


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    I have a way to replicate from the photo-resist, please feel free to PM me c/o this forum so we can swap phone numbers and discuss.
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