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Thread: help me to choose a laser pointer?

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    A lab with some dripping water on the floor.


    Is this for teaching Physics and English is not your first language?


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    Quote Originally Posted by laserwinkel View Post
    if you are looking for a laser pointer then this might not be the right forum. ( )
    if you are looking for a laser projector then this is the right place.
    What are your intentions with the laser so that we can help you further decide what might be the best laser for your needs?

    also keep in mind especially as a teacher with either a pointer or projector to keep safety priority no. 1 (never point at living object)
    just use it as an pointer at my class
    make my children notice where i want them to focus on

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    Keep it below 5mw in power otherwise your children could be claiming for eye damage from a stray point (you should avoid pointing at them in any case even with 5mw but accidents happen and at least 5mw is considered to be usually safe). You also need to consider the laws in your country to check that even 5mw is allowed. In the UK I think the recommended power on pointers is now 1mw, although I don't think the limit is not mandatory.

    Also, as Marc said above, choose green as its the most visible colour for any given power.

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