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Thread: Need Laserscope guru. (possibly Greenlight HPS

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    Does it require isotope or a mix? Thinking like hene ne22. Thatís like 2k for a liter at 1 atm. Guess I should helium3 to that. Donít even ask price if you can even buy it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    That's amazing!

    5L capacity (at 1 atmoshpere) is basically a "CL" size cylinder. Roughly 7 inches in diameter and 21 inches tall. If you can get a tank that size filled to 150 bar (2200 psi) with pure Neon for $50, that's a super deal. Here in the USA that would cost somewhere around $1400 - $1600! (Note that when a CL cylinder is fully pressurized, that represents 750 liters of gas when expanded back to 1 atm.)

    Example: A while back, Paul Berthot (Clandestiny) had me pick up a medical CVL from a seller here in Charleston and transport it down to Florida for him. When we got it down there and started playing around with it, Paul was *shocked* to see that the Neon tank was more than 1/2 full. (Had around 1300 PSI in the standard CL cylinder.) His comment at the time was: "Holy Crap - that's about $800 worth of Neon right there!" And this was 9 years ago...

    That seems more in line with the prices I'm familiar with here. At $100 for 50 liters, a full CL cylinder (2200 PSI, so 750 liters total) would be $1500.


    PS: Maybe we should start an import business? Buy the gas in Ukraine and sell it here? Of course, I don't know how many people are in the market for the stuff either...
    My tank of Isotopic Neon was 400$ last month for four litres.

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