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Thread: The COOLEST "holograms" you will EVER see

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    Default The COOLEST "holograms" you will EVER see

    So it's been a while since Ive posted, but I immediately thought of my fellow laser nerds when I came across this guy's work... He is a very skilled artist that is well known throughout the music festival scene/culture, & just does some amazing work. Whats special about his art though, is that besides being incredibly intricate/detailed, it is also all holographic. While I am not even remotely knowledgeable in the hologram area of our hobby, I get the overall gist of what's going on/how they work (I think). With that being said, Im pretty confident that his work is not going to be considered "true holography" by those of you that ARE into this area of lasers, but it's still cool s**t nonetheless. So forgive me if I am misusing that 'H' word here, as I know it can be a touchy subject for those of you that actually know what the hell youre talking about, but I think once you see what this guy is producing, you can agree that this time the label fits.... Even if they arent produced using traditional methods.

    There are some short video clips demonstrating his work on the page linked above, as well as on his ebay page.

    Ive actually had a couple of his pieces for some time now, but only recently decided to approach him w/ questions about the technical side of things. I wanted to wait to share this w/ you guys until I had a little bit of a run down from him on what's gotta happen for these things to be produced... Which is something I now have.

    When asked for a basic rundown on how these are produced, this is what he shared with me:

    Its a high grade optical plastic lens that is extruded with prisms on one side and flat surface on the other. I break the art into a series of sequenced digital images. The images are digitally sliced next to each other in tingy strips. Each "rib" has virtual facets all over it... each facet has a coresponding strip of one of the images under it. The image strips number 1-16. The facets number 1-16. The interwoven images are then carefully printed on the back of the lens. So the animation is all stacked NEXT to eachother on the back of the lens, and when it hits the facets they shoot off in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. So your staring down through different windows as you move over the print. The "holographic nature" of them is that there is a slice of each of the images in each "rib" or "part". So the "whole" is figuratively containted in each "part".

    I dont know how much use, if any, this will be to anyone, not that it needs to be, but I thought it would be interesting to have him describe his methods for us either way. I cant tell you how little justice the video clips do these things... They are a truly incredible sight to see in person. Im not sure if he has any shown on his site or ebay shop, but he also has a really cool addition that you can purchase for the print you buy - It's a "light box" that is basically a really hefty picture frame, but with lights that go through various sequences that vary their brightness, direction, & even color, so that it appears as if the images on the hologram are moving/cycling through themselves (rather than you having to move the viewing angle on your own by tilting your head or moving around). This is also EXTREMELY cool to see in person.

    Support this dude's work!

    Well, thats all folks..... Just wanted to share.

    Hope you all had a nice weekend, and herroh from Tejas!


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    Those are simply lenticular photographs, like the 3D Jesus pictures popular in the '50s and 3D postcards. Just another glomming-on of the word "holographic" to help sell something totally unrelated. Totally run-of-the-mill.

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    Thanks for chiming in Bob !

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