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Thread: moving head proxy sensor.

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    Wink moving head proxy sensor.

    hi everyone

    i have some very old moving head lighting equipment (chauvet qspot 250) and due to chauvet being terrible at customer support they no longer (probably never did) sell spares for this unit. they are also offering no technical support on where to get sed sensors.

    im trying to source the proximity sensor on the gobo and colour wheel. it looks like it may use a kind of magnet sensor as on one side there is a stuck on piece of metal and on the the fixed part the sensor. i cant imagine there is much going on here and should be fairly easy to get a replacement or fit another type of sensor doing the same job. can anyone help out please?

    thanks in advance

    also wondering if anyone knows what type of stepper motors these units used as want a replacement motor too. if not ill strip unit as these should be very easy to find

    thanks again
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    Maybe a Hall effect sensor?


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    Have you asked on Blue room forum and posted a picture? that would be a good first shot.

    Certainly, the sensors themselves shouldbe fairly common and cheap.

    Try contacting Jamie's Magic Torch, I hear he's the 'go to' man for moving head repairs
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    A picture would definitely help here, but for the most part these position sensors (specifically for homing purposes) are usually transmissive optical "beam-break" sensors. A metal tab on the gobo wheel passes through the "U" shape of the sensor breaking a beam to indicate the position of a pre-defined reference point on the wheel. It is also possible that these sensors are magnetic reed switches where a magnet passing the switch performs the same function as the "beam-break" tab.

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    As said above, post a picture!

    I'm fairly sure (from memory of my qspots) that it's a hall effect sensor and you can get one from RSVP components in the UK.
    Chauvet have always (until very recently anyway) had excellent customer service in the UK... at least in my experience... however the 250 is two generations discontinued now, so wouldn't be surprised if they no longer hold stock of parts, but I am surprised they couldn't tell you what the parts are...

    I''ll have a rummage in my parts draw when I get a minute as I think I may have spare hall sensors and steppers... I'll see if I can get you part numbers/stock codes for RS's website...
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    Agree with you guys in these days sensors are used with every products and we need to choose best sensors for this purpose. Sensors of different kinds and specs are available in these days with good quality also.
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    hi everyone i have some very old moving head lighting equipment ... on where to get sed sensors. im trying to source the proximity sensor on ...

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