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Thread: Brightlight stops selling modules commercially.

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    Hi Johan, I'm very sorry to hear you are going out of business, I think it's though but good decision as it's simply not worth the effort anymore to build your own.
    Prices of the turn key Kvant Clubmax or the Chinese projectors from Lightspace or other Chinese company are so good now why spend precious time (unless you are a hobbyist, but you can't make a living from only selling to the always broke hobbyist)

    Turnkey or rental is what people want, and most professional company's won't buy projectors anymore below 6W because +6W nowadays sell at prices of a 2W a few years ago, so for rental only projectors with +10W are interesting.

    Some advice from my side, you have talked allot about you divergence. In projectors in the lower power range (0-5W) people simply don't care about divergence as these projectors are often used in smaller venues where the room is too small to diverge, and if you audience scan I rather have high divergence lasers.
    In big venues or big outdoor events where +10W projectors are used divergence gets important. So if you continue with turnkey solutions don't bother anything below 6W, as you can buy these everywhere in china, or if you want to go with rentals, I'm happy to rent some +12W projectors for the outdoor festival season.

    Good luck with your new job and see you at the LEM,

    grtz Maurice

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    Well out of bussiness is maybe a bit strong, i would call it more a change of direction I will keep working on things but we can have a chat about that at the lem.

    I,m sure your interested

    Interested in a system or modules? Feel free to contact us directly!

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