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Thread: One Stop laser Shop Phone Disconnected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by planters View Post
    Two operations and infection go hand in hand. A trauma or a health issue could lead to a sudden hospitalization,surgeries and complications; the priorities can change very quickly. This sounds tragic, but the news is encouraging at the same time. I hope she does well.

    Now where is Fred? They must have had times in the past when one or both of them had other obligations. How long has there been no communication? Is Fred alive? Are there other employes?
    Just Amanda and Fred... From what I know the daughter is a just out of her Teens, may not know how to access the business computers/do the job.

    Planters is right, I have a good immune system, and the infections from a poorly cleaned Dental Surgery tool put me down for a month and a half... Lets hope for the best.

    I will be praying for Amanda...

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    I asked the question above without a response. How long has it been since there has been any communication? Based on this thread alone, it must exceed two weeks. The daughter (of Amanda?) has access to the shop if she can fulfill any orders. The eBay response suggests she can. There would be no gap in response if Fred is around. If Amanda is sick, seriously sick then her partner should be close at hand. This would even take precedence over the business responsibilities. Maybe he has been gone for longer than anyone knew or his disappearance is related to Amanda's hospitalization.

    If the daughter is struggling with her mother's hospitalization and trying to keep the business afloat then I believe she may need help and does not know where to turn.

    Through your eBay message /connection/response and more extensive knowledge of the situation, is this plausible? And, if so could a message be sent to the daughter that there is a community that she may have no idea exists that could help out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by planters View Post
    ...Jon, Through your eBay message /connection/response this plausible? And, if so could a message be sent to the daughter that there is a community that she may have no idea exists that could help out?
    a) I'm quite certain the 'responder' was her Son, not Daughter (..message was signed 'Shorty', so.. I -hope- that's her Son.. but.. I've no idea of 'age', here, so.. Don't know if 'Shorty' is capable of running the Biz in her-stead.. I've not gotten a reply from the last message, so.. I don't think, however, there is / was anything 'nefarious' going on w/ Fred not responding, but..

    b) ..Nonetheless, the phone is -still- down, so.. I dunno.. Wish there was someone that could easily drive over there and see wassup.. I'll try the Bob-contact route again, to see if he's been able to contact Fred, either.. Whatever's goin on / happened, this much time passing doesn't bode well.. Hope they're alright..

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    I think I still have freds cell number. I'll give him a shout. We should send a collective card if that is possible.

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    Hello everyone.

    We got news from Amanda. She said that she has gone through severe health issues, that came all together at once. The subject or her first email was ''back from the dead''....

    She is recovering and slowly returning back to business (she even gave us a nice order !). I told her about the PL discussion and she asked me to post her new address and let everyone know that she is trying to come back to normal.

    Her address is :

    Amanda Hopwood

    One Stop Laser Shop, Inc.
    2706 Woodmere Court
    Clearwater, FL 33761
    1-800-897-6404 Voice

    She responds to emails, a little slower than before though. The email is :

    All the best,

    Tom Kamaras

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