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Thread: first laser project - soundcard DAC trouble?

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    You have already DLed and used LB. You will find yourself returning to it.

    Learn it well and ask for new features.

    It works.

    Even with the others

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    Quote Originally Posted by daderaide View Post
    Nice work, way to stick with it. I'm sorry I did not see this thread sooner. There is a great deal of satisfaction when you get a homebuilt correction amp to work. James' kit is really nice, he includes all the components including colored jumpers Red Green and Blue which is cool. I've got one DAC breadboarded, another soldered on a perf board like yours, and also James' kit. And etherdream, Riya Lite, etc. I like the conveinence of the commercial DACS, but the homegrown are fun in their own way for sure.

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