I didn't get to do a full test and I had hoped with the wedding but, here is my initial observations. It puts out quite a bit of haze and yes, it can operate continuously at a low fluid setting. Possibly faster than my DF-50's. I don't think water based haze has the same level of hang time as oil based like the DF-50 so you would likely need to run it more often but, I believe you'll have more opportunity to get the paisley patterns in fans throughout an evening by using the Marq. The haze from a DF-50 eventually, and rather quickly, just blends in to where you don't get that nice paisley look after the initial hazing of the room.
I wanted to run both via DMX and have one on each end of the stage and just run with those but, I left one at home and didn't get the Marq's profile set up in Chauvet's ShowXpress. In due time. But dude, for $206... get one. Or four. You won't be sorry.