The idea is to combine the benefits of scanning and the high bandwidth of a video projector.

Beams out of a laser projector cannot be emulated by a video projector because when a laser projector scans a beam around a field, all the rated power of the laser is transmited out to the projection, but when a video produces a "beam" it is actually blocking the vast majority of its output so that the little that leaks past the block, appears like a collimated laser beam...and very dim.

On the other hand, when a laser tries to generate a complex image, it has to write the details of the image with a single point and this limits the detail and with complex images, generates annoying flicker.

If you use the video to generate an extremely detailed image that remains small and so very bright, you can then use a scanner to move this complete image around the projection.

As an example, if you had a few dancers moving across a screen that was painted with stars or musical notes generated by the laser, the dancers could be generated from a video with exquisite detail and because of their small scale, very brightly.