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Thread: Lighting boomerangs

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    Default Lighting boomerangs

    One of my hobbies is boomerangs. I got the bright idea to add light to edges of the thing. Anybody seen a relatively bright long strip of leds that's only a 1-2mm wide and can run off a couple watch batteries or maybe cr232 calculator battery. I can't add more than about 10g weight. Also any body know of a centrifugal switch so it only comes on while in flight?

    I can't believe someone got a patent on this!
    That crazy. What next the light in your fridge.

    Think a reed switch with a 555 as a latch will work. Smd version. Reed closes when you throw and stays on for 30 seconds and then off should be enough time to throw and recover.

    Does side fiber sound like it would work?
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    The issue is the weight of the battery packs as most LED strips / electroluminescent wires use a 3 cell AA battery pack.

    My suggestion would be to look into seeing if you could mount 2 innova microlights into a cavity carved out of the boomerang body with some kind of retaining clip:

    You could then replace the standard LED bulbs with these:

    Which would then pretty much give you the defacto LED rave hand light. The spinning action of the boomerang should then take care of the rest.

    This is what rave enhanced Innovas look like in action (but here made into an orbit (an orbit is basically 3 or 4 innova style keyring lights strung together usually in a cross pattern)):

    (Unfortunately you can't seem to buy the ready made rave Inovas anymore).

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