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Thread: Resources for Lumia

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    So, being dragged into Hobby Lobby yielded some results. I just found that they have rolled glass here. 12"x12". I only found one or two usable patterns but they have some.

    This pattern works extremely well.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yeah, that would work well for making a big wheel. Most of my lumia pieces are pretty small so the Wittemore Glass sampler box can easily make four or more pieces for each 4"x4" sample.
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    Default Stepper motors for Lumia

    Greetings, all;

    I gave a talk yesterday to an ILDA Zoom thang about my new laser art piece, Alien Black Box.
    More info here:

    This piece uses stepper motors to move the lumia disks, and people were interested in sourcing.
    Here is where I got the lasers, motors, and controllers:

    Red Mitsu 638nm $ 28.00 eBay 2 pieces

    Green NDG7575 700mW/1W 520nm $60.00 eBay

    Blue Sharp 488nm 55mW GH04850B2G $21.00 eBay

    Yellow 30mw 591nm $ 71.00 eBay

    Stepper motors 11HS12-0674D1-PG100 $ 50.00 for 2 Ebay

    Stepper drivers $12.00 for 2 Amazon

    Stepper clocks $10.00 for 2 Amazon

    Laser Drivers
    LD driver board (4) $36.00 eBay
    TTL modulation

    Hope this is useful. I will try to get the recording of my talk online somewhere.

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