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Thread: Srim for lasers

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    Default Srim for lasers

    Hi All,
    What is a good scrim material or similar to use for lasers for graphics and still let the laser shine through, and where to find it?

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    Most will tell you Skeeta in Florida. They will custom sew whatever size you need. I've bought several scrims from them and they work great.
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    +1 for Skeeta Scrim!

    Get their "no-see-um" netting in the SLATE color. It will all but disappear in a dark room. (Note: Black is too dark and will actually stand out a bit.)

    They will custom-sew any size scrim you want, and even sew pockets in the top and bottom for cables or support poles. But they use an industrial surger sewing machine that leaves a fat seam which is quite visible when displaying graphics.

    Instead, I suggest you buy long lengths of the standard 54 inch wide screen material and then cut and sew it together yourself using a standard stitch on an ordinary household sewing machine. (just overlap the two pieces about 3/4 of an inch and run a straight stitch down the middle between the two overlapping pieces) This will give you a seam that is much less visible.


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    I have used mosquito nests myself and they work great. Holes are big enough to create a transparent effect but small enough so not too much of the beam will pass through it.
    I've also had good results with PE/PP transparent plastic films sold by the meter but these were inhouse tests, I can't tell how safe they are in terms of flammability and reflectivity.

    For reinforcing the corners of the screen instead of sewing I cut and fold an ordinary white PVC banner sheet, put the skrim between them and weld the PVC sheets with a silicone roller and hot air gun. Maybe not the best option but works for me.
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