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    I have a MIDI controller that I'm using live with Pangolin Beyond software. I want to assign "Next cue", "Advance to next cue", or similar to each of its buttons. I don't know the correct syntax for that command. It seems like a simple thing to do but this is my first time delving into pangoscript. I've gotten as far as "teaching" each button to point to different cues and I've looked at every single pre-written command in the dropdown menu and none are what I need.
    Ultimately, whenever any button on the controller is pressed I want it to tell Beyond to simply go to the next cue and stay on the current cue until either another button or the same button is pressed.

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    I have to admit that I'm stumped. I'm pretty sure that what you want to do is possible, but I don't know how!

    You may want to post your question on the Panolin forums directly. There's a guy there (Bob) who did all the mapping/programming for the APC-40 layout for Beyond, and he's very active on the Pangolin forums. I'm sure he can answer your question.

    Alternately, you could contact them via e-mail (just go to the Pangolin website and follow the e-mail link) and ask for help. In the message body, I would repeat your question and maybe ask if Bob would be willing to reply with some pointers...

    If you do figure it out, please post back here in this thread so others can learn too!


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    Try adding this to any button you want to trigger the switch to the next cue:

    ShiftFocus 1
    StopCell / StartCell act on whatever cue is currently focused on the active grid, and ShiftFocus moves the cell focus by the amount specified. The focus doesn't care if there is a cue in the cell or not, so empty cells will give you blank steps but it won't break. This will only play cues on the active page; as soon as it hits the bottom right cell it will wrap back around to the top left. If you instead want to move from the last cue on the current page to the first cue on the next page, add a conditional to switch pages when you hit the last cell:

    if (Grid.CellIndex = (Grid.GetRowCount * Grid.GetColCount)) SelectNextPage
    ShiftFocus 1
    If you have MIDI buttons mapped to the grid (in the "MIDI Surface - Main Grid" or "MIDI Surface - Secondary Grid" sections of your MIDI device config) and want this script to work with them (i.e. if you use a grid button to pick a specific cue and then want the next invocation of the script to switch to the cue after it), you need to have the option checked under Settings > Configuration > 'Grid' tab > "Focus cues in the grid when activated by MIDI" . Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the feedback. I initially tried going through Pangolin's forum but was having technical difficulties. The guys at Pangolin directed me to Bob (mentioned above). I eventually found a guy who has created profiles for controllers via Pangoscript.
    Thanks again.

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