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Thread: WTB: Kimmon HeCd power supply

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    Default WTB: Kimmon HeCd power supply

    I bought some ions a couple months ago that included a gas intact Kimmon HeCd head with only ~330 hours on the tube, and I'd love to track down a power supply for it. The head is an IK3083R-D manufactured in 05/1999 and the sticker on top says it matches an IM1301C power supply. There is one on ebay right now for ~$300 shipped, but if anyone has one collecting dust that they'd part with for cheaper, drop me a PM! I'm in no hurry and would be down to grab it at SELEM if that's convenient too. Thanks!

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    I think Mo (Daedal) had a few of these. If he still does, I'm sure he'd be willing to sell them, as they were just gathering dust when he lived in Johnson City.

    Gonna be difficult to track him down these days though (I haven't heard from him in a couple years myself, but I *think* he's back in Florida now). Anyone have a good e-mail / phone number for him?


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