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Thread: LaserOS MIDI control of analog functions

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    Default LaserOS MIDI control of analog functions

    I just picked up a MiDiPLUS SmartPAD to play with controlling LaserOS. I've mapped out the pads and rotary encoders (the manual really REALLY sucks...). I can easily use the pads to switch between patterns, as LaserOS allows assignment of note on/off to various items in its list of visuals. However, I see no way to assign the rotary controls to things like speed, power, hue, color, rotation, sizes, offsets, etc., so that they can also be performed live. Easily done in LSX, but can this be done in LaserOS?

    Nice that if you assign MIDI notes to patterns, they are persistent across shutdown and startup of the program. No saving necessary.

    Any info on mapping rotary controls to analog functions is appreciated.


    PS. I can post my MIDI maps as graphic images if anyone is interested.

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    Double-click any slider to assign fader controls

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    Fantastic! That works great.

    I hate to ask the obvious, but, is there a user's manual for LaserOS? Lots of lovely videos on the site, but they lean more towards marketing the devices as opposed to documentation.

    Thanks for your answer, but I'd love to make sure that I'm not missing interesting features until I stumble on them accidentally.

    Keep up the great work. You've really improved things since the LaserDock first came out. Don't stop!


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    As an example of why it would be nice to have actual documentation, I was surprised to find out that LaserOS accepts a MIDI note from the Smart Pad and transposes it up two octaves before displaying it. This means that if you send a C0 note, LaserOS displays the note as C2. I'm assuming that this is because LaserOS does not want to deal with "negative" octaves, ie. C-2, hence the transpose. Just would have been less confusing KNOWING THIS before having to DISCOVER it when comparing a MIDI-display-program with what LaserOS was telling me. Results in a somewhat confusing MIDI map for the Smart PAD (enclosed).



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