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    Any one have a full schematic on a CTI 677 Driver (Vs. Medialas Microamp).
    I have 10x medialas Microamps for CT6800 there need a mod. to run some CT6200 or 6210HP Scanners.
    Know the Position Demodulator + limiter need other value components. Belive 90-95% is the same values.

    CT6800HP have PD 3,2uA /deg @ 50uA led
    CT62xxHP have PD 12uA /deg @ 155uA led

    option 2 is to get a High res. Pic from top and bottom side of the Medialas Mircoamp For CT62xx scanner.
    option 3 i just reverse the complete board.

    I don't want to copy the Board just like to know what needed to be changed to make them able to run the CT62xx scanners.

    Please comment :-)

    Click image for larger version. 

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