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Thread: Request for information about top 10 permanent laser shows

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    Default Request for information about top 10 permanent laser shows

    This is a forwarded messages from patrick murphy (ILDA Executive Director). Please direct responses to


    To ILDA Members worldwide:

    ILDA has been contacted by a writer for a national (U.S.) news organization that is doing a story on the Top Ten Laser Light Shows for their travel & vacation section.

    The writer is looking for regularly-scheduled world-class laser light shows open to the public, indoor or outdoor. These are NOT part of a concert or tour or other short-term event — they should be associated with a fixed site. The show can be anywhere in the world.

    And they must be a "laser show", not just a show that happens to have some lasers in it. While there can be other media, the show should feature lots of lasers, over much or most of the show duration.

    The national publication’s travel section is NOT looking for the best laser show as in a particular Pink Floyd show vs a Led Zeppelin show, or as in an abstract ILDA Award winner vs a graphic ILDA Award winner. They are looking for a Top Ten place to see laser displays. Such as a planetarium that has exceptional equipment and shows, or an outdoor show in Dubai Festival Mall or Hong Kong harbor. These would be regularly-scheduled public displays

    Your information should include:
    • The name of the show (or shows, if submitting more than one)
    • The location and any other info or restrictions on how to see it ("Must have admission to MouseCity amusement park.")
    • The general time and dates (“hourly every night after sundown, except Mondays” or “Runs April-Sept.”)
    • A description of the show, including whether it is indoors or outdoors, and what other media (video projections, fireworks) it might include.
    • Answer the question "Why is this a Top Ten, world-class show?" Include anything artistically and/or technologically special about it that you would put it in the top laser shows worldwide. This is especially important since I’m sure we’ll have more than 10 submissions. .
    • If you have links to any websites or other material to help the writer evaluate the show and get more info.
    • Any photos — either if you have the rights (great!) or if you have contacts/suggestions where the writer can get photos. (The photos are important. I believe in the article each of the Top Ten will have its own photo, so if there is no photo, there is less chance of it making the Top Ten.)
    You can list your own shows, as well as shows you’ve seen and been impressed by that were done by other people. It is fine if we get multiple submissions.

    I would be especially interested in planetarium shows that people think are especially outstanding. I saw a planetarium show recently that was really poor (not an ILDA Member). It would be a bad representation of what lasers can do — so please send suggestions only for really exceptional, cutting-edge planetarium shows.

    I will be working at my end going through past ILDA Award winners and entries. I greatly appreciate your help in providing additional suggestions by the Friday morning deadline.

    And I will of course let you know when the final article is published online.

    -- Patrick Murphy, ILDA Executive Director
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    Pittsburgh planetarium
    Portland planetarium
    Grand coolie dam
    Laerium all of them
    Car wash in Alaska but I forget more than laser wash
    There was an amusement park in Erie pa
    Plenty more

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    Stone Mountain Georgia. Epcot , Grand Coulee, Hershey Park..

    translation, reporter wants to spend 10,000$ funding for Travel Junket

    Find Doug Mccullough, (spelling?) He is the fixed install guru..

    I don't write essays for writers...

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