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Thread: old laser demo "Heliopolis"

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    Default old laser demo "Heliopolis"

    I ran across this digging through my old laser videos, and thought, my how times have changed. We shot a variety of 1.5W RYGB rear screen projected graphics and lasers-in-smoke effects in my studio using state-of-the-art 1" video tape camera equipment and camera dollies in my studio, as a collaborative effort between myself, a very talented 16mm photographer and a video company, NAV Productions (North American Video of Richardson, TX). We then went back to NAV's editing facilities to edit the footage against a piece of music I selected, Spiro Gyra's "Heliopolis" to create a VHS and Beta video laser demo. The music piece was far too long for our intended purposes so I edited it down in length. I provided some insights to the laser equipment used for this filming at the end of the video. In places you will think, "that's not very bright". But then, video cameras back in 1982 were not as sensitive to light levels and mixed-gas lasers were commonly 1-3 watts broadband, and we were curious about what could be achieved. The resulting video served both the video company and my laser company as a promotional piece. Enjoy.
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    Classy vintage video!

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