I have Issues with using my raycomposers.

1st try: local network via usb and Mac Safari. *Works*
2nd try Airport extreme router DHCP 10.0.1.xxx *Do NOT work*
3rd try a zyxel router dchp 10.0.1.xxx *Worked a short period of time and then died*


What do i mean with "workin" or "not working":

I am trying to reach the webinterface from a computor/ipad or Iphone.
So i type in the ip (i can see that the RAY's have been given a IP when i scan the network).
But this has only worked with the zyxel router and this was only for a short while.

I have troubleshoot with external 5 volt to usb to be sure that i has enough Power.
I have NOT tried Power-over-Ethernet.

If You log in via web browser. you are able to se the Artnet / S-acn Monitor and you can check that the Communication works.
This is what i want to do.

Please please help =)..

Thanks in advance