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Thread: Help: Microh Plasmawave 1 not working

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    Default Help: Microh Plasmawave 1 not working

    ***Mods please delete, i realized i posted this in the wrong section.***

    Alright, lets get to this, I am fairly new to lasers. My first ILDA laser, a Microh Plasmawave 1w was my pride and joy until the key to the ILDA lockout was lost. So i decided to open her up and bypass the lock by snipping the cables and twisting them together. This didnt work. Before i opened her up, the LED display screen functioned and i just couldnt get an output. After snipping the cables and putting it back together, i turned her on and the LED display lit up, but it didnt show any options or words. Then display just died completely.

    I took the unit to a friends house and we opened her up and started disconnecting different things. The unit still powers on, the LED display still dead. But when the RGB ports are disconnected from the ILDA ports board, all the diodes light up again. So i believe the issue is caused by a faulty control board of some sort. Sounds like i have multiple problems now, im afraid i may of shorted out the LED display some how? Ontop of losing the key and snipping the locks cables, someone suggested that there may be a resistor load in the lock that isnt being registered?

    So i feel my solutions are find a new ILDA control board from somewhere, i dont feel like this will fix my LED display, but id atleast get IDLA function back? Its unfortunate that the board doesnt work because the Plasmawave is loaded with an FX wheel, Grater, Lumia, Burst etc. And i feel like ill lose that function of it as well.

    To top it all off, Microh has seemingly gone out of business, as their websites are down, their listed phone number is no longer in service, and ive never gotten response from their FB page. So i turn to all you! Please any information regarding any of this would be appreciated beyond belief!
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