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Thread: RGB Lasers - faulty dual blue laser module.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonb View Post
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    Thanks for your replies. The dual module has a single D-Plug (which Iíve tried to capture in the photo above). So I cannot swap conneters over (as suggested by deedeedr).
    Ah, they used to have a seperate sub-d for each head in the ones I came across. In that case you cannot swap them that easily.

    You're sure it is not a 1W green dpss and 2x 500mW blue dpss?

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    Hey Simon!
    Got my mail?
    And for info : these blues wherenīt avaiable in 500mW, the maximum each was round about 350-400mW and sold as B300 modules... Maybe later they got bigger ones...

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    Default RGB Lasers - faulty dual blue laser module.

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry I havenít replied until now;the day job is running a lodge, caravan & camp site.
    My laser is an RGB Laser Systems LP2000 from Hungary. Theyhave helped by sending me a few versions of the manual, but none match my laser.I have a habit of ending up with Serial Number oo1 of things. They cannotprovide circuit/schematic diagrams or even pinouts.
    The blue laser is a strange dual output one, but one of theoutputs isnít lasing. Theres only a single D Type connector, so I cannot swapdrivers easily. One of the blue outputs goes into a dichro & the otherwould go into a PBS cube.
    For Christmas I have had a 2000mW 445nm analogue lasermodule. I was planning on using this toreplace the failed module, but thinking about it it may be possible to just addthe new module where the failed beam would go, into the PBS cube. I just hopethe mechanical mounting of the new module means the beam is in the correctplace/height without needing shims or precision mounting plates. If I can pick outthe blue modulation signal & connect it to the new blue laser. Need tocheck if its modulation input is floating or ground referenced.
    The beam shape is a rectangular slot rather than a circularprofile dot. But maybe anamorphic prisms can help. Any advice would be most welcome.
    Si Bond.

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    If you really want round beam use a spatial filter from a pin hole between two lens. Pinhole smaller better. Lens same mm. Or make a telescope from it. Add path length however so take advantage of the bent pbs path. Bet you can put the pinhole on the pbs, lens just infront of the diode collimater/premise if you use them, and the final lens after the pbs. Move the lens as needed to form the filter. Kills all the splash from the diode faces as well. Iíve made the pinhole by letting the blue laser burn through aluminum foil printed black and from guitar picks. Yes 2w focused to 10 um or even 200um is very capable of burning the hole and it perfectly lines up the energy core of the beam for you and places the pinhole just where it needs to be.

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