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Thread: Suggestions for lasers for a show with 50K USD

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    Default Suggestions for lasers for a show with 50K USD

    I represent a multimedia studio and we've been working with lasers on multiple installations in the past months using Touchdesigner and controlling them through ILDA. Now we have been asked to come up with a concept for a show and we would need 4 lasers for the show (3 on stage and 1 backup). The concept is pretty simple and most of the lasers will be hang over the stage which is a big circle and used to draw geometry shapes on the floor as well as create light walls that the public can see. No public scanning is needed. I have been searching for the past few weeks for some lasers but was wondering what would be you're suggestions if we have around 50k USD just for the lasers. My 2 guess for the moment were the Kvant ClubMAX 10,000 FB4 or the X-laser Skywriter HPX 10W.

    Our top priority is build quality. We would like to have nothing less than 10W and if possible something around 12-15W. Let me know if there are other brands you trust. Thanks a lot!


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    You said you're using TouchDesigner to create the effects? My understanding of TouchDesigner is admittedly quite limited, but I was under the impression that the primary output of that software was essentially a massive video engine. So how are you integrating the laser projectors into that environment? Are you using a DMX output module, or maybe a virtual MIDI output, to trigger the laser effects in Pangolin's Beyond software running on a separate machine?

    With regard to your selection of projectors, both the Kvant and X-laser units are very nice. If I were forced to choose, I would probably go with X-laser for their superior customer support.

    Two other companies worth looking into would be Arctos and RTI, but since both are based in Europe their customer support is likewise limited. Also, their pricing is not as competitive.

    One final consideration: if you are already using DMX elsewhere in your production, you may wish to investigate the Mercury controller from X-Laser as an alternative to the FB4. For simple geometric shapes and beam effects, Mercury is often much easier to use. (And I say that despite being a die-hard fan of Pangolin's Beyond software myself.)

    In my experience, people with a background in lasers usually prefer the Beyond environment, but people with a lighting/stage production background often find Mercury & DMX to be a better fit with their normal workflow. It's worth looking into, in my opinion.


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