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Thread: Beyond recolour complete show

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    Hey guys,

    currently Im trying to recolour a timeline beam show in beyond. The target is to recolour the complete show to be in colour of white and red. I know I could recolour each frame where the show is made of but is the a more easy/intelligent way to do that. I also would like to stay with the current colour fades implemented in the show but within the colour of white and red.

    Thanks for helping me


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    You could apply a color effect to each track in the show that would override the frame-specific color effects.

    Depending on how the fades were accomplished, however, you may not be able to keep that information. If the fade was added as a separate effect to the track, you can keep it in place and it will still work. But if the effect was added to the frame file (that is, to the cue itself), then if you override that with a track-wide effect you will lose all the frame-specific effects.


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