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Thread: problem with blanking, Kvant Maxim

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    Unhappy problem with blanking, Kvant Maxim

    My Kvant Maxim has a problem with blanking. Sometimes, but not always, it draws additional line from the middle of the zone to the first point of the effect.
    It happens for example in the spiral in shapes in Beyond, but does not happen in for example circle or triangle.

    I don't think it's a cable problem because another laser (although a different one: HB-Laser Lightcube Nexgen) when connected to the same cable does not have this problem.
    It is run with QM2000.

    Any advice what can I do with this or how to troubleshoot?

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    You can try adjusting the color/blanking offset in the QM-2000 projector settings window. Just fire up Showtime or LaserShow Designer and go to projector settings. Click the 3rd tab, which should be "color shift". I think the default setting is 3, but you can try increasing this to 4 or even 5 to see if it helps. Also, you might try increasing the other setting on that tab, which is "number of blanked points at start and end of frame". Try increasing that setting and see if the tail goes away.

    Once you have made the changes, go to the last tab (defaults) and save the settings into the startup file. Then you can close Showtime and launch Beyond. Beyond should load the settings from the LD-2000.ini file, and that should add the extra color shift and/or blanking points. Then see if the problem persists.


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