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Thread: Can't play ildafiles from Ray Composer (NET version) And RDM question

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    Default Can't play ildafiles from Ray Composer (NET version) And RDM question


    I have just bought 2 RayC. Net versions. I want to play files from the SD card controlled from Artnet/Sacn.
    But i have no information about the parameters (personality).
    This is not specified in the manual.

    As i understand this is possible via ethernet (without using dmx breakout).
    I also wonder. Is rdm possible via ethernet without dmx breakout??..

    Have someone done this. Please help..


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    I have no personal experience with RayComposer, but you can certainly do RDM over ethernet. ArtNet specifies a packet type made explicitly for this: ArtRDM.

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    There's also an ESTA standard in the works for RDM over Ethernet via ACN (currently BSR E1.33 "RDMnet"), but needless to say nothing on the market supports that yet. But it will hopefully be released from the technical standards committee soon, which is exciting!

    While it is possible for a device to describe itself to a controller via RDM, with sufficient detail that the controller could create a profile for the device solely from that RDM information, I have yet to see a controller that actually supports this capability. It's also entirely possible that your device doesn't actually support the level of description required, as those RDM parameters are not mandatory.

    You could try poking at the device using DMX Workshop ( and see what RDM info it returns, or if you have an ENTTEC DMX adapter you could use their RDM tool. Openlighting ( also has some RDM tools, but takes more work to get up and running and use.

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