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Thread: SL2-100 communications protocol "industry standard"

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    Default SL2-100 communications protocol "industry standard"


    the XY2-100 protocol is more or less known and also well-documented. Now some companies come up with a new interface and protocol, the SL2-100. It only has two lines DataIn+ and DataIn- plus two Lines DataOut+ and DataOut- and supports 20 bit scanner resolution.

    Has anybody an idea how this protocol looks like and works? Any documentations out there that describes SL2-100 on data level?


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    I know this question is somewhat old, but may be this helps a bit. SL2-100 is a serial protocol, it no longer makes use of separate lines for X, Y, clock, and sync. This image is from the official manual:

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    So the position data for X and Y (and perhaps Z) need to be transferred serial/interleaved over this line. When measuring with an oscilloscope, the signal looks like this:

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    Not sure if that helps but that's what I know so far...

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