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Thread: Introducing Modulaser: the semi-modular laser synth

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    We've just launched Modulaser 1.5!
    We've been trying to listen to your feedback for bugs and features, and added these things:


    • MIDI clock BPM sync! If you have a device that sends MIDI clock signals, we can now calculate the BPM from it! Enable it first in the preferences.
    • Mixer modulator; this is an advanced modulator to mix multiple signals together, invert them and apply smoothing to your inputs.
    • Blackout button; for when you want to really quickly toggle the laser output without disconnecting your DAC. Tip: use esc on your keyboard to toggle!
    • Press spacebar multiple times to sync the BPM.
    • Precise sequencer values; you can now enter an exact value for each sequence bar instead of only being able to drag the bars.
    • Duration between clips when using auto-play is now configurable in the preferences.
    • Double-click on a projection map name to change it.


    • For some DAC's you had to press the "start DAC" button twice before it would actually send laser output.
    • The Laserdock DAC would only work for the first time, when you would start and stop it again there would be no laser output.
    • Fixed a weird issue with disappearing clips after a second file is opened.
    • Changing the BPM by typing a new BPM in the text field was nearly impossible.
    • Many bugs with ILDA recording have been fixed.

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    Laser Warning Modulaser no longer outputting to my ilda laser Thru helios DAC

    I have been having great success with Modular laser and helios DAC.
    After packing and moving my gear as a dry run.
    Modulaser suddenly stop sending output thru helios to my Optilaser.
    Modulaser can send to lasercube thru USB
    Other software can send output thru helios to the Optilaser
    MOdulaser recognizes helios in selector and says its sending output to Optilaser.
    I have re-installed Helios drivers.
    I have re-installed modulaser.
    No luck .
    Can anyone help?
    Of course I have a paid gig coming up dependent on Modulaser to work.....
    Murphys law.

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    Hey there, sorry for the late reply here. We've fixed the connection issue with our latest release. So please update your instance of Modulaser and it should work again!

    The Modulaser team

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