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Thread: Lasers of the 1940's-50's

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    Default Lasers of the 1940's-50's

    The Legend of Wobbulator Woman

    The original wobbulator was invented to help align early radios in the 1930’s. Variously referred to as Phantastrons and other names, it was instrumental in the development of the laser death ray that the US used to defeat the Germans in WWII [citation needed].

    The name captured the public imagination, and for a brief period in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s, the US was awash in Wobbulator guns, hats, and other ephemera. The science fiction magazines of the day picked up the meme and many writers started incorporating wobbulators into their stories.

    The most famous of these were the tales of Wobbulator Woman, which appeared in several of the pulp magazines of that era.

    When MondoDyne Photonics decided to market an optical laser modulator, it was only fitting to pay tribute to these early inspirations and carry on the tradition of celebrating this science fictional female ass kicker.

    Here are some of the pulp magazines that inspired us:

    Betty Whitebalance was one of the few women authors of the era who wrote under her own name. She envisioned the Wobbulator as a ray rifle design.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The complete report can be found here:
    (This is where the best covers are to be found, be sure to check out.)

    Other annual reports are here:
    Lasers of Ancient Rome:
    Lasers of the Renaissance:
    Lasers of the Victorian era:
    Agricultural Lasers:

    This has been my annual report on the latest in laser archeology.
    Tune in next year this time for more updates.


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    ... nice idea for an 1. April joke!

    The wobbulator was real then ... and the "autor's name" as "Whitebalance" is a good one too

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